At a time in history when genocide still occurs throughout our world, it is a great time to remember the history lessons of World War II and the Holocaust. As we come upon Holocaust Remembrance Day this Friday the 27th, we have an opportunity to revisit this horrible occurrence and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

In the Book, “Letters from Dachua; A father’s witness of war and a daughters dream of pieces.” Clarice Wilsey recounts her father’s experience as a physician, who was with the U.S Army when they liberated and entered the concentration camp at Dachua. Through letters to his wife, Dr. Wilsey writes about these atrocities, his experiences, thoughts, and feelings. These writings only came to light to the siblings after their parents’ death.

On a personal note.  The Wilsey family are close family friends of my family. Emily Wilsey and my mother Mary were best friends for close to 50 years. I know the family well. I would strongly recommend checking out this book for those interested in a firsthand account and experience of these atrocities, by a physician who witness the aftermath of this concentration camp.