Desert Star

Addiction Recovery Center

Established in 2009
Locally Owned and Operated

Awaken to Healing in the Desert

Successfully Treating Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Mental Health Disorders, Sexual Compulsivity, Relationship, and Young Adult issues

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From CARF 2019 Accreditation Report


CARF found that Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center demonstrated the following strengths:

  • The organization has a clear and unwavering commitment to doing the right things for clients and enjoys a reputation that it is truly committed to operational excellence.
  • In several ways, the organization demonstrates that it is highly integrated into the life of the community. Its leadership and staff members have collaborative relationships with community service providers and others. These collaborative partnerships reflect the mission and values of the organization.
  • Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center is well respected in the local addiction and mental health community. Stakeholders indicate satisfaction with the outcomes achieved by the organization and the quality of services provided. In addition, the clinical synergy reportedly experienced by the various referral sources is described as eclectic, individualized, and by no means cookie cutter in design. Much recognition was given to the organization’s ability to connect and combine the treatment of trauma, grief, and loss to the presenting issue of addiction. Referral sources consistently highly regarded the organization’s communication and quality of information provided.
  • Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center engages in a thorough process of developing the organization’s strategic plan. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis shows that much thought was invested in the process. The resulting plan is a useful and relevant tool to guide the organization’s strategic and overall operations.
  • The organization is led by a dedicated executive director who evidences an unwavering commitment to quality service delivery, overall transparency in the various collaboratives, methodologies, and subscribing to employing best practices. This is particularly apparent in his approach to hiring and selecting leadership and direct service staff.
  • Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center has a well-organized and comprehensive system of fiscal management and internal controls that supports the operation of services of the organization and ensures its financial stability.
  • Staff members at all levels of the organization are open to and responsive to the needs and requests of clients and possess exceptional enthusiasm for and commitment to assisting clients in building strong community and interpersonal supports systems to address their needs.
  • The organization’s programs provide much-needed services to clients. Dually-diagnosed persons are able to have their mental illness and addiction symptoms treated effectively in these well-designed programs.
  • The organization’s nursing director is recognized for her extensive and specialized training and strong commitment to provide quality clinical consultation that departs from traditional practices. She is knowledgeable of the clients’ unique and complex needs and integrates their recovery and physical health needs accordingly.
  • It is evident that clients hold the organization’s staff in high regard. They expressed being empowered toward making positive changes with the support of program staff. Many credited the program for saving their lives. Without promptings, clients interviewed consistently shared, “if it were not for Desert Star, I’d be dead.”
  • The organization’s staff members demonstrate professionalism and pride in the work they do. They are acutely aware of the multiple issues their clients face and display a confident attitude in their ability to facilitate clients’ efforts to improve their quality of life.
  • The organization’s outpatient programs are recognized for their systems that provide rapid and seamless entry
    for new admissions.

Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center also demonstrated exemplary conformance to the standards as set forth below.

Recognition of exemplary conformance indicates a practice that produces outstanding business or clinical results and/or is innovative or creative and beneficial to be shared with the field.

  • The organization is recognized for its exceptional commitment to demonstrate cultural competence. As a result, Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center is conducting an ethics and cultural competency workshop on Friday April 12, 2019. The organization was awarded the authorization to award three continuing education units to those attending. The workshop is specifically titled: “Cultural Competency: Understanding & Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.” The workshop is focused on an underrepresented and underserved demographic; i.e., the Deaf community.
  • Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center has developed a comprehensive set of reports that affords at-a-glance and tracks daily client group participation; outstanding receivables over 30, 45, 90, and 120 days; the level of client satisfaction with a particular group facilitator; attendance patterns; reasons for nonattendance; and specific dynamic(s) related to the specific payer source. The system clearly ensures billing accuracy, and reports can be customized to evidence specific current and projection of revenues. The various generated reports afford strict monitoring and indicators of service effectiveness.