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The Dark Side of Social Media

If you have been watching the news lately it’s safe to say that you have heard about the latest Facebook controversy. Whether or not you are concerned with privacy or how your data is being used there is another issue which can affect us deeply without us even...

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Covid19, Addiction, and Eating Disorders

In my nearly ten years as a therapist, I’ve learned that the simplest and most relatable definition of “trauma” is any stressful experience that is too much (or sometimes too little), too soon, or too fast. Over the last year I’ve also come to believe “for too long”...

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Announcing our blog

Over the past 10 years of helping people, we have seen struggles, triumphs, and everything in-between. We have seen the landscape of mental health and substance abuse shift and change around us in positive and negative ways, and we realize that it’s almost impossible...

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